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„Visma runner“ yra trimatis endless runner žaidimas „Oculus Rift“ virtualios realybės terpėje. Jį sukūrė Andrius Tarasovas. Bet tai ne viskas! Autorius šį žaidimą padarė ant savo paties „C++“ su „OpenGL“ variklio! Jo oficiali saityno svetainė: http://trihardgamestudios.com/

Avoid obstacles and go as far as you can in this engaging virtual reality game. Visma Runner was introduced in Build Stuff ’15 conference and gained immediate success among conference attendees. Since then it was also presented in several schools for both children and adults, where positive players’ reaction exceeded our humble expectations
  • Home-brew engine in C++ and OpenGL
  • Developed to eliminate motion sickness or seizures
  • Built on high-end computer with Oculus Rift
  • VoxMeshEditor for drawing levels
  • In alpha version with lots of great ideas ahead

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